Award Winning Public School System

Rockdale County provides both residents and businesses within the county with a wide range of educational opportunities.  Both public and private schools are available. The Rockdale County Public School System provides children in Rockdale County with a quality public education and supports twenty public schools with over 891 teachers, and 13,833 students.  The Rockdale County Public School System also provides an alternative school, an Alpha school, the Rockdale Magnet School specializing in science and math, and an evening academy for continuing education. Special programs include a partnership with NASA and Conyers Middle School as well as a partnership between the Rockdale Magnet School and Georgia Institute of Technology.

For over 10 years the Rockdale Career Academy (RCA) charter school has been serving high-school juniors and seniors with over twenty different areas of study as well as joint enrollment opportunities with Georgia Piedmont Technical College and Georgia State University. Some of the career tracks at RCA include Culinary Arts, Public Safety, Video Production, Graphics Arts, Computer Networking, Horticulture, Robotics & Mechatronics. Many of the career tracks offer industry standard certifications, including Cisco Network certification. A 50,000 sf expansion will provide new and advanced healthcare career paths for our students.

The county is served by a number of institutions of higher learning.

Georgia Piedmont Technical College with over 4,500 students has classes in nearby Covington and Clarkston.

Georgia State University in Decatur and Covington offers two and four year degree and certification programs and has over 17,500 students.

Four year degree programs are offered by state colleges and universities close to Rockdale County:

  • Clayton College & State University at Morrow (25 miles) with over 5,200 students.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology at Atlanta (25 miles) with over 20,000  students.
  • Georgia State University at Atlanta (50 miles) with over 27,000 students.
  • University of Georgia at Athens (55 miles) with over 33,000 students.

Overall there are 27 colleges and universities in the Atlanta area with a total enrollment of more than 100,000 students.