Governor Nathan Deal toured Pratt Industries in Conyers and cut the ribbon for the official opening of Pratt/Visy’s Clean Energy Plant on Tuesday. The new $60,000 energy plant is the the Australian company’s fourth plant of its kind worldwide and its first in the Untied States. The plant gasifies waste from the recycled paper mill to create steam and

Pratt CEO Anthony Pratt, said every day the plant turns 700 tons of waste that would normally go into the landfill into steam and electricity. “Whether you’re an environmentalist or not, we can all agree wasting resources is a terrible thing to do,” he said.

According to the company’s website, the process supplies 100 percent of the steam needed for the recycling process at the Visy paper mill and, at the same time, generates 50 percent of the plant’s needed electricity.

Governor Deal echoed the sentiment. “The plant provides a great example of the kind of advantages of clean energy in what they offer to Georgia and the entire country,” Deal said. “It represents something every one of us should be able to get behind – reduced energy costs, reduced environmental footprint.” Deal cited the resources saved for every ton of recycled paper created at Pratt: “I’m told we save 17 trees, 2.1 cubic yards of landfill space, 3100 kilowatt hours of electricity, and something Georgians have become more conscious of in recent years –14,500 gallons of water.”