Rockdale County utilities are provided by a combination of public and private providers.

Electrical Service

Electrical power for our community is provided by either Georgia Power or Snapping Shoals EMC.

Natural Gas Service

Georgia’s natural gas deregulation allows you to purchase natural gas supplies in Georgia through a number of gas remarketers. Service is provided through Atlanta Gas Light Company.

Water and Sewer Service

Rockdale Water Resources is the sole supplier of water and sewer service in Rockdale Coiunty. Water is provided from the Randy Poynter Lake plant. The plant can treat up to 22 million gallons of water per day and it can be expanded to treat more in the future. The reservoir can supply up to 22 million gallons of potable water per day for residential and commercial use. Current consumption averages 8-9 million gallons per day, with peak consumption reaching 12 million gallons. The system’s storage capacity is 1.5 million gallons elevated and 1.5 million gallons in ground.